To MacBook or Microsoft

Am I going to buy the Apple MacBook Pro or Microsoft Surface Studio for photography and video editing?

LifePixel Infrared Camera

Impressions of the Lifepixel Super Color IR conversion on a Canon 1DIII camera. Example photos show its partial color potential.

Getting used to the Canon 5DsR

Getting used to the Canon 5DsR takes time. In reviewing my first few weeks with it I wasn’t overly pleased. This is a difficult camera to master!

The 2016 Camera Bag Plan

Women are unfairly stereotyped as “bagoholics” while photographers are hoarding a closet full of old camera bags.  Watch any photographer in a camera store and you’ll see him eventually wonder into the bag section.  I guess frequent travelers are constantly on the search for the best way to carry their luggage, but they also pale…

What’s in the bag in 2014?

What’s more expensive:  kids or a photography hobby?  I have both and I really don’t know.  Eating some serious coin isn’t all they have in common.  When going somewhere you want the least amount of fuss and aren’t afraid to pack too much to achieve it.  And you never know whether the destination is going to…

Camera Gear – what worked, what didn’t?

The hardest part of getting ready for this trip was selecting the camera gear.  I could not find enough online about what to bring and what to leave at home, so let me give you a hand.  If you click on the Gear-Up page, you can see what I had to choose from. Rikki and…

3 days to go – time to start packing

It is time for my least favorite part of the trip – packing all my junk.  I’ve already cut a lot out, and I’m still scratching my head on how I’m going to fit this mess in 2 bags. I think i’ve got everything covered on what I was told to bring, and I added…