Vermont Fall Colors

Vermont’s fall colors have been off the charts this 2016. From Stowe to Groton see these photos and video of the autumn wonders.

LifePixel Infrared Camera

Impressions of the Lifepixel Super Color IR conversion on a Canon 1DIII camera. Example photos show its partial color potential.

Shooting Kettle Pond

Kettle Pond is an iconic landscape for Vermont Photography. The best location to shoot is Owls Head Overlook.

Getting used to the Canon 5DsR

Getting used to the Canon 5DsR takes time. In reviewing my first few weeks with it I wasn’t overly pleased. This is a difficult camera to master!

New Gear Sucks

It is so exciting to see the UPS man when you know something new is in that brown box.  Be careful when slicing that packing tape that you don’t harm anything inside!  And the excitement hits a new high when you see the retail packaging for the gear you just bought.  You note how clean…

The 2016 Camera Bag Plan

Women are unfairly stereotyped as “bagoholics” while photographers are hoarding a closet full of old camera bags.  Watch any photographer in a camera store and you’ll see him eventually wonder into the bag section.  I guess frequent travelers are constantly on the search for the best way to carry their luggage, but they also pale…

All new axSpot

The old blog has been active since 2008.  Despite it’s 8 years of service it is time to retire that freebie site.  The main reason is control.  Some old technology is no longer available to me because it was bought by some other company that no longer supports it, but I can’t turn it…