Stanley – back in the Falklands



  • Make port at Stanley, the capital of the Falklands
  • Visit Gypsy Cove for our last time with wildlife
  • Walk around Stanley and have a pint
  • Disembark for Ushuaia

We’re only one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time now, so I’m waking up at a normal time again – on my own clock. I was having some issues being 3 hours ahead. Sadly, the reality that this trip is coming to end is beginning to sink-in. I’ve met some great people here and hope to keep in touch for years to come.

It isn’t over just yet, so here’s the update on today’s activities.

After docking at Stanley (in the Falkland Islands) we were on a bus to Gypsy Cove to photograph the white sand beaches with turquoise waters surrounded by yellow flowers and some more wildlife. We stopped by a major shipwreck on the way and my camera started-up a little slow. I thought that was strange and kept going.

Then we crawled back on the bus and headed for Gypsy Cove. It is a beautiful place that looks like it should be in the Caribbean. White sand beaches, yellow flowers everywhere, orange and yellow cliffs, and green water paint the scene. It is gorgeous! There are Magellanic Penguins, Night Herons, Geese, Brown-Eyed Shags, Dolphins, and numerous small birds around. Here are some images:

A gorgeous scene of a kelp goose sitting on the cliffs with white sand beaches in the distance
A gorgeous scene of a kelp goose sitting on the cliffs with white sand beaches in the distance
Blue skies above for a Kelp Goose as he flies away
Continuous blue skies above for a Kelp Goose as he flies away
Fingers of the cliffs stretching into the green Falklands waters
Fingers of the cliffs stretching into the green Falklands waters

Wait a minute? What’s wrong with these images? What the #@*%! Oh no, my camera has bit the dust. Something is wrong with the shutter. Major bummer.

One of my shipmates lent me her camera, so the day wasn’t lost. I can’t view any of those photos because they’re in a different format than my computer can currently read, so I’ll have to wait till I can download an update back in the States.

Fortunately, we’re mostly done with the photos for this trip aside from some things in Ushuaia. I do have another camera body, but it is struggling in these colder airs. I’ll do my best!

As for Stanley. It is home to about 2,400 people. It is very quiet and British. Fish and Chips make the staple meal and Land Rover Defenders are the means of getting to it. The people are very friendly, and all might be more British than the people who live in England. I could not live here, but I certainly would like to vacation here to make calls on the other islands of the Falklands.

Something is going on for Halloween tonight. We set sail at 4:00 PM (3:00 PM EST), so we’ll be celebrating Halloween at sea. Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. Mark Bailey says:

    So sorry about the camera, but you sure were lucky someone could loan you one to use. I know you would have been crazy if you couldn’t take a shot…. Hopefully the other camera body will hang in there for the duration.


    Come home safe, and wore the *&$% out.


  2. Cathy says:

    I too am very sorry your trip is comming to a close. (Almost as much as you are) I say you keep on traveling and sending those awesome photos back to us. Naw, we miss you, come on home.

    Happy Holloween.

  3. That sucks about the camera Alex. We are missing you back here in the states, though im sure you would be in no rush to get back. Enjoy the rest of your time!

  4. mom says:

    Fate! Oh drat! …perhaps the camera has become a total extension of your soul and knows it is time to fly North…

    Halloween was reminiscent of the time you tried to stir some kids through the portable john (remember that one?). Boo, hope you had a fun one.


  5. axspot says:

    After talking about the camera issues to some of the pros it sounds like this one may be going to the camera gods 🙁

    That is a complete bummer because it was my favorite camera. If anyone wants to donate to the “Help Alex buy a new or used Canon 1DMKIII” fund, I’d greatly appreciate it 🙂

    For you photographer-junkies….no, it wasn’t a new Mark III that died. It was a 1DMKII with ten of thousands of actuations. I just figured if I have to replace a camera I might as well get the newer model.

    Jeff – I’m seeing a bunch of Dealer Refresh notifications in my GMail, but can’t access for some reason. I assume the new site is out?

    Mom – sounds like there is a story behind last night.

  6. Cathy Dixson says:

    I hate to say this Alex, but maybe you need to just get a Nikon??? OMG the dreaded “N” word….lol.

    Sorry about your camera.


  7. mom says:

    No story that you haven’t been through. Just a typical ‘weekend’ Holloween…

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