Morning in Santiago, Chile


Itinerary: Arrive in Santiago, Chile and tour the town.

View from my hotel Room
View from my hotel Room

We got into Chile at 5:55 AM which is actually 4:55 AM Eastern Time. I definitely got some sleep on the plane, but I’m feeling the early wake up now.

I have met most of the people on this trip and made fast friends with a few of them. I am by far the youngest person here, and am enjoying that fact because I get to soak in the wisdom!

Chile was chilly upon arrival with the temperature being in the 40’s, but it has quickly climbed into the 60’s by 9:30 AM and should get close to 80 degrees by noon. We don’t start our city tour until 3:00 PM, and I have one errand to run once the big mall opens at 10:00 AM (everything starts later here).

The scenery is fantastic with the Andes surrounding the city and still covered in snow. With my binoculars, I can see a lot of trails in the snow and also some cracks that look prone to avalanches. Yeah, the view from my hotel room is awesome! As a city, I would compare Santiago with Atlanta for size – it is very spread out but with some concentrations of large buildings.

That’s the morning report. I should have something later this afternoon or evening for you.


  1. Audrey says:

    What a great photo! Well, I should say … what a great view … it looks like a painting!

  2. Mom says:

    Whew, guess this means all your ‘stuff’ made it in one piece?

    Looks and reads like you are off and running to a trip of your life. Perhaps you should pack your gear into your clothes for padding and check all. Might assist further with customs…

    Have a blast!!
    lu – Mom

  3. axspot says:

    I actually bought another bag just for getting through the airports today. I’m not going through that mess again. We’re done for the day – I’m getting ready to process some photos and will hopefully be able to snag this wifi connection a little longer to give a recap on the whole day.

    Mom – tell Sean and Q I’m having a large Coke in the bottle and it rocks. I’ll be on the hunt for some Canada Dry soon!

  4. Dave (nfrs2000nyc) says:

    Chili today, hot tamale! 😀

  5. Mom says:

    Glad you got another bag even it is a competitor.

    “tell Sean and Q I’m having a large Coke in the bottle and it rocks. I’ll be on the hunt for some Canada Dry soon!”

    I’ll let them know…they will be green! :-))

    Tammy came in yesterday. Said Josh’s teacher is making Josh present your adventures weekly beginning with a “who is Alex” to his classmates which has him concerned.

  6. axspot says:

    That’s scary! Josh better do a good job 🙂

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