One week to go! Clean things up while I’m gone everyone.


I’m only 7 days away from hopping on a plane for the trip of a lifetime.  At this point, I’m very ready to go.  There are only a few minor things left to do:

  • Haircut
  • Buy a battery charger
  • Format External Hard Drives
  • Make guide for people to follow if something goes wrong at work
  • Give Mom a key to my house so the mail doesn’t pile up
  • Pack

I’m super excited!  I’m also a little depressed about leaving in the midst of some very tough times.  I don’t know what kind of difference my presence would make, but it feels wrong to not be at work fighting with everyone.  I hope my coworkers and employees understand this trip has been in the making for years and was paid for almost 2 years ago.  It would be a nasty financial hit to not go, and probably something I would regret my entire life.

So everybody, you’ve got till November 5th to clean everything up without me.  When I get back, I want to see my 101K back to a 401K, the dollar crushing all other currencies, credit unfrozen, and smiles back on everyone’s faces.